200 gpd ro water filter system

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All our RO systems are designed to be modular, require little operational maintenance, and be economical. We understand that this is a long-lasting investment for both your family and home -- and we aim to make sure you are getting the best possible return on your investment!

It has been designed and engineered to provide purified water throughout your entire home for many years if properly maintained.

Endless Possibilities

It isn't always easy finding a perfect fit, but with 9 different flow rates to choose from, we have a system that will meet your homes' exact needs.

Storage Tank Kit Components

  • The RO System - A commercial-grade RO System ranging from 200-7,000 GPD. Every system is equipped with prefiltration to extend the life of the membranes.
  • Water Tank - Water is stored in an atmospheric water storage tank (165, 220, or 550 gallons) that is sized depending on your system.
  •  Pump - As water is used within your home, it will be pumped from the tank as needed.
  • Float Switches - Used within your water tank, this regulates when your RO System needs to cut on and off depending on the water level in your tank.

System Benefits

  • Compact, Space Saving
  • Easily Accessible Components
  • Expandable and Lightweight Design
  • Fully Equipped and Customizable
  • Low Operational Costs
  • Low cost of Maintenance
  • Easily Maintenance and servicing
  • Factory Tested and Preserved
  • CE Compliant
  • Made in the USA

Optional Add-Ons

12 GPM UV Water Sterilizer

For added protection, we offer a premium UV sterilizer to prevent microbiological contamination.

Alkalizing Postfilter

Enhance the alkalinity of your water before it enters your home with the added benefits of a natural Alkalizing, Mineralizing, and Oxidation Whole House filter.


All systems include a standard with a wide range of features. There are various options and upgrades available to accommodate a diverse range of water treatment applications. Listed below is a selection of the most popular upgrades.

  • Stainless-Steel Rotary Vane Pump: Offers a longer lifespan and increase resistance to high TDS feed water and corrosive materials, such as dosing chemical and antiscalants.
  • Concentrate recycle valve: Allows for an increase of RO systems efficiency by recycling back wastewater into the feed stream and increasing the system recovery
  • SWP Digital Dual TDS Controller: Allow for simultaneous monitoring of both feed TDS and permeate TDS levels, helping to monitor the RO system salt rejection and membrane performance.
  • SWP Digital TDS Controller: Allow for monitoring either feed TDS and Permeate TDS levels
  • SWP Digital TDS/Conductivity Controller: Allow for the monitoring of the RO permeate water TDS and conductivity levels, useful in evaluating overall system performance IF Computer Controller with feed flush: Allow for pre-treatment lockout functionality, tank level input, features a convenient LED status display indicator for increase ease of use.
  • S150 Computer Controller with Feed Flush: Allow for pre-treatment lockout functionality, tank level input, features a convenient LED status display and alarm function.
  • Chemical Pump Outlet: Provide an integrated power source with the RO system for connection of a chemical feed pump.
  • Blending Valve: Allows for a mixture of feed water into final RO permeate water to achieve desirable permeate TDS.
  • Permeate Sample Port: Allows for evaluation of individual membrane performance in on RO system and aids in system troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • 240V 50-60Hz or 110V 50-60Hz: Allow for selecting sufficient voltage and hertz use requirement.
  • Single Wood Crate
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