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Control valves are available in many different configurations and models depending on the application of our customers. Each control valve is made of high quality components and each valve is tailored for our customers specific water needs. Control valves offered by UAE Water Filters are fully adjustable, easy to program, easy to install and need minimal maintenance making UAE Water Filters’s line of control valves a must have. Whether it is a filter valve or softener valve, whether it is a metered valve or timer valve we have it covered. 
Control valves are extremely important in protecting the scarce water resources around the world. Control valves can help maintain enough water for our ever-growing population through reducing water losses and securing productive water provisional management. This can be accomplished by preserving specific water flows, pressure, and levels, irregardless of alterations in the water supply. 
The Ramifications of Scarce Water ResourcesThe environment has seen massive amounts of damages as a result of significant losses in available water. The energy used to purify and supply these lost water sources are also squandered.  

In regards to water applications, the water that has been generated but made worthless before it becomes available to the public through misused or embezzlement is a source of unwanted cost.

Benefits of Control ValvesMethodical pressure and flow management can be obtained through the usage of automatic control valves, which results in:
  • Decrease in interference to the customers
  • Less likelihood of contamination
  • Minimized leakes which reduces water loss
  • Low risk of pipe and water hammer damages
  • Great savings for water companies
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