Setting new standards for performance and economy


The FilmTec™ portfolio consists of separation-technology products that are highly effective in industrial, municipal, commercial, and consumer water applications.

Leveraging proven and highly effective technologies, such as reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF), FilmTec™ products reject more dissolved solids and organics, and use less energy to produce permeate, than typical elements.

From use in brackish water purification to specialty separations, elements in the FilmTec™ portfolio achieve high, yet cost-effective, performance through their ability to:

  • Tolerate a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Operate very efficiently at lower pressures.
  • Maintain excellent structural and pH stability.
  • Resist bacterial growth.
  • Produce excellent membrane flux and salt rejection.


Designed to treat challenging waters and achieve specialty separations


From separating salts, solids, and other substances from water to producing ultrapure water, the FilmTec™ portfolio helps solve a variety of today’s difficult water-treatment needs.

Process Water Treatment:

  • FilmTec™ brackish water elements, which have an unsurpassed high-active membrane surface area that produces 99.5 percent or greater typical salt rejection performance.
  • FilmTec™ low-energy brackish water elements, which are designed specifically to meet emerging demand for lower-pressure RO system operation; these elements help reduce operating expense without sacrificing salt rejection or high productivity.
  • FilmTec™ reverse osmosis membrane elements that are installed before ion exchange beds, which help reduce demineralizer operating costs dramatically; pretreating water for boiler makeup with these elements removes silica, dissolved solids, and total organic carbon (TOC), extending the life of the resins and lowering chemical regeneration usage, waste handling, and maintenance costs.
  • FilmTec™ reverse osmosis membrane elements that are used in double-pass RO systems, which produce high-purity water in a continuous process; for applications with less stringent water-purity requirements, these elements can be used cost-effectively in single-pass RO systems as well.


Ultrapure Water: 

Used to rinse integrated circuits in semiconductor manufacturing, ultrapure water requires a rigorous resistivity of 18.2 megohm/cm. The FilmTec™ portfolio includes reverse osmosis membrane elements that greatly reduce the potential for contamination in ultrapure water processing systems.

Other FilmTec™ element advancements include:

  • A TOC rinse down to less than 20 ppb in one hour.
  • Excellent isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and silica rejection.
  • Having been tested and accepted for application in a process where higher feed pH allows higher rejection of weak acid anions, such as boron and silica.


Municipal Water:

FilmTec™ reverse osmosis membrane elements are used globally to meet the needs of today’s growing drinking-water supply. These elements excel at seawater desalination with consistent reliability, long life, high salt-rejection capability, and resistance to bacterial fouling.

FilmTec™ LE (low-energy) brackish water elements can treat large volumes of water at low operating pressures. Low operating pressures mean reduced operating costs, with maintained high productivity.



Commercial Water :

Predictable performance

FilmTec™ reverse osmosis membrane elements are used in a variety of commercial applications, from restaurants to car washes and hotels to medical and scientific laboratories. They offer highly predictable performance, high salt rejection, and high flow rates.

FilmTec™ elements are available for systems of all sizes and water requirements.

Most FilmTec™ commercial system elements are available shipped either dry or in traditional wet form. Dry elements weigh less, can be stored more easily, and have a longer shelf life than wet elements. Because there are no storage solutions to rinse, dry elements are also easier and take lest time to install.


Home Drinking Water :

Highest quality available

Known for their elite brand status, FilmTec™ elements produce high-quality home drinking water, including low-pressure drinking-water elements capable of supplying whole-house and point-of-use water treatment.

FilmTec™  tap water RO elements feature advanced membrane technology and offer outstanding reliability and consistency. Our automated fabrication process allows precise production of every element to tight, predefined specifications.

Like all FilmTec™ reverse osmosis membrane elements, home drinking-water elements are precision fabricated and thoroughly tested to ensure that they provide predictable, trouble-free operation and consistent high performance. They meet a wide range of water volume requirements, from 24 gallons per day to 800 gallons per day. These elements are available to ship dry.